How much of your trash is actually recyclable?


 Not sure?

Recyclable materials., the recycling rate for America is only 34% and had been for the last two decades–pretty shocking for a country as wealthy as us.

recyclable materials
Ready to make a difference but not quite sure you know your recyclable materials?

The average American throws out 600 times their adult weight in solid waste each single year. That’s 90,000 pounds of trash that if manage well their children won’t have to live with.

This is because companies are struggling to meet their targets when it comes to sourcing recycled materials for their packaging and are resorting to easier, ‘virgin’ materials instead.

It’s not all bad! Some companies are making the shift to green and are happy to use recyclable materials in their packaging and products so they don’t end up littering a landfill and hurting the planet.


Ready to make a difference but not quite sure you know your recyclable materials? We’re here to help you out!

5 recyclable materials you didn’t know about…


aluminum recyclableA can made from recycled aluminum takes 95% less energy to make than a standard can and makes 90% less greenhouse gas emissions. All the more reason to buy recyclable!

Your takeout containers, kitchen cookware, and disposable foil pie plates and trays can all go into the recycling pile.

Rinse them thoroughly when you’re through with them to avoid unpleasant                                                               ‘garbage’ smells and a lot of mess when you’re finally ready to move these to a                                                          recycling center. You can make more space by squashing them flat, too.


plasticDid you know that if you recycle plastic, you save twice as much energy as you would burning it?

Things like bottles, bags, CDs and makeup containers from brands like MAC, Aveda and Origins can all be disposed of ethically.


recyclable corkBet you didn’t expect to see this one on the list! Cork is a recyclable material, so store up all the stoppers from your wine and champagne bottles and help them find a new life as something useful.


aluminum recyclableSome of those soda cans and food tins you throw in the trash are actually steel, and steel is a one of our secretly recyclable materials. In fact, when scrap steel is used in place of virgin, 74% of energy can be saved.


recyclable glassBecause they’re made of foam, these little peanuts aren’t biodegradable. They will sit in landfills for years, so take care not to toss them out.

Instead, try taking yours to a local center that will redistribute them to other companies that need packaging.


recyclablesFinally, a use for all those broken Crayolas!  They’ll be melted down and turned into brand new crayons for someone else to enjoy. Go on–pass a little love on!

If you’re ready to start making the world a better place. Memorize this list and make sure that you aren’t accidentally throwing packaging made of recyclable materials into the trash!

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