How to Make a Mandala Lotus


How to Make a Mandala Lotus

The mandala lotus is a combination of two of the most important symbols in Hinduism and Buddhism. Read on to learn how to easily draw this beautiful symbol.

If you love the look of a mandala lotus and are interested in creating one yourself, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re covering the symbolism of both of these important Hindu and Buddhist symbols and how to make your own mandala lotus.

Let’s dive in.

What is a Mandala Lotus?

To best design a mandala lotus, understanding the symbolism is key.

Mandala symbolism

A mandala is a symbol of the universe that originated in Hindu and Buddhist religions. People often draw, weave, or even tattoo mandalas for a symbol of the cosmos showcased by creative symmetry.

These circular designs represent infinity and wholeness.

Mandalas occur naturally in a variety of forms all around us. Snowflakes, spiderwebs, flowers, close up images of cells, and halves of round fruit all are examples of mandalas in nature.

Lotus flower symbolism

Lotus flowers are an aquatic plant that are widely recognized for their ability to grow a beautiful and pure flower out of dark, muddy waters and naturally occur in shades of pink and white but can be depicted in artwork and tattoos in a variety of other colors.

Mandala Lotus

The symbolism of the lotus flower, as well as its symmetry does makes it a perfect centerpiece for a beautiful mandala.

Creating a mandala lotus can be used as a form of meditation. Check out our post on the 5 Health Benefits of Regular Meditation for more information of why meditation should be a regular part of your life.

How to Create a Mandala Lotus

The easiest mandala lotus to start with is on paper.

Materials needed: Paper, Pen/Pencil/Marker (whatever you prefer), Ruler, and anything else you would like to color or decorate. A compass (tool to draw circles) will also come in handy or maybe you can use round objects to trace circles.

Start by drawing a large, precise circle.

Identify the center of the circle and make a small dot to mark it.

Make a series of concentric circles, perhaps 3 or 4, of varying sizes inside your large circle, centered on the dot.

Your circles distance between each other can be precise and planned, or however far apart your heart desires, as long as they are symmetric.

Draw lines (as if you are cutting a pizza) through the circles to make different segments. It doesn’t matter how many “slices” you draw, just make sure they are evenly dividing the circle. A good number to start with is 8 or 16 lines. All lines must intersect at your center dot.

Now draw a lotus flower around your center dot. The easiest way to do this is to create symmetric petals, one in each “slice.”

Surround your lotus flower with any pattern your heart desires  and if you choose to, decorate or color your mandala lotus as well.

Now Get to Creating

Making a mandala lotus is a beautiful way to express yourself creatively.

You can frame your work, give it as gifts, print your design on a tote bag; the possibilities are endless.

Check out Jediloves Gallery for some inspiration to create your own mandala lotus.

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