5 Eco-friendly Sustainable Travel Spots For Your Bucket List


Eco-friendly Sustainable Travel Destinations

Eco-friendly sustainable travel is the latest trend in globetrotting. If you’re not sure where to start your trip of a lifetime, we’re here to offer the top five travel destinations with an eco-friendly vibe in mind.

Destination One: The Wanderlust Festival

Where It Is: Like the name implies, it’s everywhere!

Some of the most popular destinations include The United States, Canada, and Australia.


What It Is: The Wanderlust Festival is a haven for fans of sustainable travel – and those who are into mindfulness, meditation, music, and even cooking.

The festival offers different levels of yoga practice each morning, (even try your hand at aerial yoga!) hiking and biking trails, and paddleboarding lessons.

When you’re done moving for the day, you can enjoy the cuisines of local vendors, street-stand style during the day, and enjoy a Farm-to-Table meal served family-style in the evening.

The sustainable travel junkie meetup also includes lecture series from guest speakers on political topics, eco-friendly initiatives, and self-development.

Destination Two: El Cosmico

Where It Is: The cozy town of Marfa, Texas

What It Is:  Spanning 21 acres, El Cosmico places an emphasis on sustainable traveling and self-discovery – and it’s the perfect combination between finding a sense of community and enjoying the restorative nature of solitude.

Hang your hat in anything from a yurt, vintage double-wide trailer, or traditional camping tent. You can even stay in teepees – but don’t worry, with heated floors and high ceilings, the lodgings at El Cosmico have a definite luxury edge.

Destination Three: Earthship Rentals

Where It Is: Taos, New Mexico

What It Is: An awesome community of rentals with a Star Wars-like vibe. It caters to sustainable travelers, as everything is made from recycled and natural components. The houses also run off of and collect solar power.

You can also take classes at the Earthship Academy, staying a month at the Earthship and attending workshops on Thermal Heating and Cooling, Water Harvesting, and even how to make your own Earthship.

Destination Four: The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Where It Is: The Canadian Wilderness!

What It Is: If you’re looking to combine your love for sustainable travel with access to more “traditional” camping activities, this is the place for you.

With customized camping activities like kayaking, horseback riding, hiking, and animal tracking/tours tailored to your wishes, you can’t go wrong here.

Stay in luxury tents to really get a feel for the outdoors – without sacrificing comforts. Even better – they host special events, so this could be a perfect spot for a wedding or reunion.

Destination Five: Sian Ka’an

Where It Is: Tulum, Mexico

What It Is: This destination has been declared a World Heritage Site. Meaning that it’s probably the closest to nature of any of the destinations we’ve featured here.

You can go snorkeling, explore Ancient Mayan ruins and tours, get up close and personal with the (sometimes scary!) wildlife, (or just go birdwatching at sunset) and learn how to fly fish.

Grow Your Love of Sustainable Travel – and Yourself

We hope you’ve been inspired by these five incredible, off-the-beaten-path destinations. For more information about traveling, working, and living an eco-friendly lifestyle,

For more information about traveling, working, and living an eco-friendly lifestyle, follow our blog and learn more about us.

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