Beach Hacks (9) That Parents Should Know about


9 Awesome Beach Hacks for Parents


 Beach hacks., what could be more fun that spending a day in the sun on the beach? If you’re a parent of young kids, a day at the beach can sound as going to the dentist for a root canal. Keeping kids entertained and happy when you’re at the beach can be a challenge.

Luckily there are some simple beach hacks you can use to ensure you have a fun day.

Don’t see the beach as entertainment

To you, the beach is a relaxing place where you can read a book and listen to the waves.  To your kids, the beach can be much less exciting.

Too many parents assume that the beach itself is entertaining enough for their kids. Once they’ve had their fill of building sand castles, they may get a little restless and bored.

An easy beach hack it to bring something for your kids to do when you go to the beach.  Water guns, frisbees, and the classic shovel and pail can keep them entertained for hours.  While you’re at it, why don’t you…

Plan a treasure hunt


What better place is there for a treasure hunt than a beach?

What better place is there for a treasure hunt than a beach?  If you want your kids to have fun and learn a bit about the ocean, plan a simple treasure hunt for them when you’re at the beach.

Apply sunscreen in the car

Sunscreen plays an important part in every family beach day.  Don’t make the mistake of applying it when you’re already on the surf and sand.

Apply sunscreen in the car.  It’ll have time to fully absorb into your child’s skin, and you don’t have to worry about applying it to sandy skin.

Skip the umbrella

Beach umbrellas are supposed to protect you from the sun’s intense rays, but they offer limited coverage.  A nice beach tent can give you more coverage, and is the perfect place for cranky kids to take an afternoon nap.

Skip the towel too

Big beach towels may be colorful and fun, but they aren’t very roomy.  Instead of packing a lot of beach towels, dust off an old comforter or blanket.  They’re comfortable and will give you plenty of room.  Pick up some beach chairs while you’re at it.

Load up on snacks

Kids can work up quite the appetite while they play in the surf and sand.  A beach trip isn’t complete without a cooler full of snacks.  If you want an additional beach hack, pack some frozen packets of yogurt.  They’re much healthier than ice

If you want an additional beach hack, pack some frozen packets of yogurt.  They’re much healthier than ice cream, and can be very refreshing.

Hang by the lifeguard

Beaches can get very crowded. The spot you pick could easily blend into a sea of other families.  Picking a spot by the lifeguard tower is one of the easiest safety related beach hacks families can follow.  Your blanket may blend in, but a lifeguard sticks out.

Pack some baby powder

You want your beach memories to last a lifetime, but you don’t need to carry back sand.  If you’re tired of vacuuming up sand weeks after you visit the beach, you need to bring baby powder on your next beach outing.  Baby powder can get sand off of relatively dry skin in a flash.

Rolling carts and sand-ready tires are the ultimate beach hacks


Beach Hacks for Parents
Awesome Beach Hacks for Parents

We’ve mentioned all of the things you should bring on your next beach trip.  If the though of carrying multiple bags on the beach makes you cringe, don’t worry.  A big rolling cart can carry everything you need.

Did we get all of your favorite beach hacks, or did we miss a few?  Tell us about your beach hacks in the comments!

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