How much of your trash is actually recyclable?

We know the classic recyclable materials like glass and paper, but did you know that there are many more? If you’re ready to start making the world a better place, memorize this list and make sure that you aren’t accidentally throwing packaging made of recyclable materials into the trash!

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meditation benefits

5 Health Benefits of Regular Meditation

Regular meditation has been shown to have a positive effect on many different physical and mental health conditions. Developing a meditation habit is one of the most important things you can do for your long-term health. Daily meditation can help to improve the cardiovascular system and digestive system. Meditation can also help to manage pain, mental health conditions and sleep-related problems.

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Meditation Mandala

Four key tips for Starting to built repeatable Meditation routine

Meditation can be an incredibly powerful method for reducing stress, improving focus and cultivating a sense of presence. Although the health benefits of meditation are well-documented, many people are put off by a lack of clarity about how to get started with a meditation routine.

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